Magical Zoo

The Last Rhino


13 1/2  x  12 3/4  x  15"

34 1/4  x   31  x   38 cm

up-cycled materials,  varnish glue


Rhinoceroses are some of the largest animals on Earth,  many adult individuals reaching around a tonne in weight or more.  They have thick  skin consisting of layers of collagen . Rhinos are herbivores.  African  rhinos don't have front teeth, and rely instead on their lips to pick off food .  A number of species of rhino are threatened or endangered. One of the Asian subspecies was declared extinct in 2011. The biggest threats to rhinos are habitat loss and poaching. As of 1977 trade in rhino horn is banned under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora. Nevertheless poaching for rhino horn is rampant, having increased significantly in the last decade. As per the latest South African Department of Environmental Affairs report, in 2018 at least 2 rhinos a day were killed by poachers in that country alone.