Magical Zoo

Elephants are among the most intelligent animal species. They have the largest brains of all land mammals, with a structure similar to that of a human. Evidence suggests that they are capable of experiencing complex emotions, self-awareness and empathy. They are one of the very few species other than human beings who can suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Their communications, which include vocalizations, touch, body movements and even infrasound heard from miles away, together form a language that appears to have syntax and grammar. The conservation status of African elephants is listed as vulnerable, and Asian elephants are listed as endangered. The biggest threats to their survival are habitat destruction and poaching for ivory trade. 


wall sculpture

29 1/2  x  27  x  8 3/4"

75  x   68 1/2  x   22 1/2 cm

up-cycled materials,  varnish glue